Filtering blocking hopscotch app - whitelist?



The hopscotch app at our school is being blocked by our internet filtering.

What sites/servers do we need to ‘whitelist’ ?



I don’t know… maybe @OMTL does?


Idk like I don’t have the newest update cause I use school iPad but I can still play hopscotch


Hello @combobulates! Welcome to the forum! I don’t really know, and probably not many people. If you are a teacher or a student that are allowed to send an email - ask The Hopscotch Team for help by contacting them at (I think).
I just wanted to make sure, @ThinBuffalo do you know about any servers by exploring the app code?


I don’t recall off hand. I think @William04GamerA’s suggestion to email the Hopscotch team is the best path forward.

@combobulates, if you don’t get an answer tag me (with the @) and I’ll check which URLs the app needs access to. I don’t have any special knowledge but can check the app’s activity by routing my iDevice internet traffic through a local proxy server.


iirc just *

idk sorry, but thats where the webplayer is.