Filter Problem!


Hi! So I made this B'day project for @Dude73
And surprisingly it was semi-stuck in the filter.
It has no rude words inside...
I call it semi cos there are 2 Hops who like it:@Candycane and @KVJ (if I'm not mistaken)
But for other accounts, the project isn't there ;-;
Project link:


I tried the link with the Edge browser.
A message came up saying the project doesn't exist


I saw the project...maybe it's just a glitch?


I don't know....
Use a device that have the HS app


In HS?
Why is it visible to some and invisible to others?


Oh, that's weird. I don't know why it would be stuck in the filter.

(Also, I can't view the project either)


The link didn't work, it said the page doesn't exist! :0
Try emailing THT and ask them about it, they usually pull it out for you, but since today is a weekend, they won't be there. They'll pull it out Monday at the earliest if you send the email now! Be sure to include your username and your project name, and give some details of what it's about. Hope you get your project pulled out soon!


Le thicks Senpai!
Madi and Puffy can see it...:


I can half see it when i click on the link it shows up in hopscotch when i open in my browser though it says it doesnt exist and i dont see it in your profile either
I liked it!





yes I did like it


Using your 2 accounts :stuck_out_tongue: