Film Competition To Promote Coding!



I think that some hopscotchers just draw and chat in hopscotch without even putting effort to their project. Hopscotch is not for chatting or drawing, it is for coding. I think that we need to encourage hopscotchers to do real coding.

I have made a film making competition. The film should be made in Hopscotch and its objective is to promote and encourage hopscotchers to code in Hopscotch. Anyone can join.


  1. Make a film about the said topic.
  2. Post the film in this topic. Deadline is on April 1.
  3. Top 3 winners will be chosen and recognized.


Nice! I think we do need to promote coding. Myself included.
I just fixed up the title a bit.
(First reply!)





Im not talking about you, I just don’t know what to put in these < >


Good idea! The deadline is really long, so I might do this if I remember and if I have time. I have joined quite a few competitions recently.


Sounds good. I might try it out, depending on how often I get on the app


Ohh… this seems cool! I’ll definitely do this if o have time.


Really cool idea! I can’t make promises to do it, but will enter if possible


March 31st is a better submission date, and this is a great idea


That’s moi birfday


Due to the fact that many competitions are being held (March madness, CodeHop, hopcode, spring contest etc.), I will extend the deadline from April 1 to May 31.