Filling the Gap


I don't want to get all philosophical on you guys here, but it doesn't matter if I leave or really, anyone else. We are a scociety of change, so when the new @QueenShaeShae comes around or the new mod comes around, everyone is most likely to forget about us. It's like with social media, that cat that says nooooo because he doesnt want to be cleaned, was replaced by a little girl that can beautifully sing her abc's. Now people are like, what cat saying nooooo? That video was literally posted in February. So, whenever someone leaves, or when I leave, don't waste your time trying to make them stay, because the gap will be filled.


but nobody


will replace me

......or else


This topic is very true.
Once you leave, it's only a matter of time until you get replaced.


I remember all the HSers that left (during the time I was here), and there will be no other person to fill in the gap. Each person waas uniquely made, and there can never be another 'QueenShaeShae', 'MobCraft', or 'JaggedJeans'.


really guys, i can't guarantee that everyone's going to remember who you are (the brain just doesn't have that much room) that's no reason to think you'll be replaced!! everyone is different and fills a different dynamic in the community, and i think it's important to remember that :DD


Exactly @Waffle_Draws!!

No one can be replaced. There's a big difference between
Being replaced


Being forgotten.


Was I replaced while I was gone? :stuck_out_tongue:



No one can replace Kim Jong Rawr.


Yeah, you were replaced.

(dats you)


I'm in my corner again if you need me

lol hai