FILLER MULTIPLAYER – Discussion & Scoring Topic

Welcome to the discussion topic of the MULTIPLAYER Filler game! A few basics you MUST read to get started: the goal of this topic, what is Filler, and the game leaderboard.

The goal of this topic

The goal of this topic is simple: organise, play and chat with your friends! Since this multiplayer game does not feature QuickChat nor autojoining unlike my last multiplayer game (c4), it is crucial I create a topic like this and not clog up the yctahh for example.

Use this topic to ask people if they want to play a game of Filler - I would say to not tag anybody specifically (but this isn’t an obligation). Since there is no autojoining with this game, you will also need to use this topic to share join codes - please be respectful and NOT join somebody else’s lobby if you aren’t explicitly invited.

Last but not least: the goal of this topic/game is to make sure every forumer has fun and builds links together, despite the fact we are all physically very apart from each other :slight_smile: virtual hug everybody? :purple_heart:

What is Filler?

Filler is a two-player game where you must conquer the most space on the 8x8, 9x9 or 10x10 board in order to win. At the beginning of the game, the board is randomized with different colors (6), and you are given one as well.

The squares you have conquered are shiny - you begin either on the bottom left or top right of the board at the start of the game. Each time it’s your turn and that you switch to a new color (in order to progress in the game), any neighbouring squares of that new color will belong to you.

Turn by turn, you and your opponent take more and more space on the board - until there is no more available squares to conquer. It’s by comparing how many tiles each of you have that we determine the winner!

Take note: you may NOT switch to the color you’re currently wearing nor the color your opponent is wearing. Be strategic!

The game leaderboard

Outside the game, I feature an extra (temporary?) event which is a leaderboard! Everybody has an unique user ID (shown each time you win a game) that persists between plays. And each time you win a game, your ID gets saved into a global variable I can access on my end in order to make the leaderboard.

Dont worry, you have all your privacy; there is no way for me to know which ID corresponds to which forumer. If you want to rise on the leaderboard, just reply down below with your ID by tagging me - and I’ll link my script to your forum username so that next time I update the post, you name appears in it! How exciting :tada:

Ah yes - the most important thing should not be forgotten: the leaderboard is in post 2!

Last but not least, huge shoutout to @/StarlightStudios for being a superstar beta tester! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Let the game begin… good luck & have fun!

@/omtl @/polygons



Gamer Wins
1 @Crosbyman64 2
2 @StarlightStudios 1

Frequent Q&A

Q: Where am I on the beginning of the game?
A: You are either on the top right or the bottom left. The shiny square(s) are yours.

Q: Does the grid size change?
A: Yes! It varies randomly between a 8x8, 9x9 and 10x10 grid.

Q: Is there a way to determine if our opponent left the game?
A: No. However, there is an indirect way which consists of their score: if it drops at 0 and your opponent didn’t make a move for a while, they have in fact left the game.

Q: Why is there no autojoin feature this time?
A: Because we have to make sure that the only people who play the game are on the forum for security reasons this has been made after an internal agreement.

Q: I found a bug. Where do I post it?
A: Down below in this topic. If you think it’s game-breaking, you can leave it in edit history.


Yessss! Who wants to play with me! Also thanks for the shoutout :))


This is cool! Filler is really fun


@Tri-Angle 8lHe7M



i wont play today so that everybody gets to play at least a game :)

e: oh you mean your user? gotcha!


created a room for anyone that wants to join!
owqosa game over

all good


Ok well if anyone wants to play with me

please join fwqq0p!

My user code AHhdmR


Oops didn’t see your message lol


gg @StarlightStudios


gg! :))

Anyone want to play?

Edit: Copy to clipboard is glitching for me lol please join fwrcib


gotcha!! :D


looks like somebody joined and starlight left (or something like that) - whoever joined can create a new code:)
theres no way for me to add something to detect whether somebody joined or left so unfortunately i cant fix that issue


Hmm I just went on another app while I waited and It let me play


maybe every 30 seconds or so each side sends a message automatically (or whatever it is) to confirm they’re still there? if it times out the other side automatically wins


brb everyone I gtg for a tiny bit ://


yes i can do that, however if the player 1 leaves and a spectator joins, the spectator will send the message instead of the player 1


…then don’t make spectators send messages :P
or a different message to increment/decrement the spectator count


How do you create a room?
I noticed that once you exit to post your code, then come back, your room isn’t active anymore.


issue is, i have no way to check if somebody is a spectator or not - i do it on the number of people in server, and if theres only 1 person (the other player left) the code will consider it as a player (and not a spectator) lol
its slightly technitechnical but basically theres no straightforward way yet lol :sweat_smile:

thats odd, what do you mean by your room isnt active anymore?