Figuring out new profile picture-Please help me decide!



I need a new profile picture for the Forum...and I want it to be a GIF.... :smile:

I need help deciding, so it would be awesome if you could look at the GIFs below and then vote on the poll. Thanks everyone!

1.Cube thing (What I am trying out now)

2. BB-8

3. Cat (I actually picture @tankt2016 using this as their profile picture)

4. Emoji

  • 1. Cube Thing
  • 2. BB-8
  • 3. Cat
  • 4.Emoji


Thanks so much for helping me figure this out! Also, if you have cool profile pics/GIFs you think I'd like, please put them here! Once I get 20 votes I'll close it and I'll let you all know what I decide! Thanks again :smiley:


BB-8. #StarWarsIsLife


My dad actually bought a remote control BB-8(Not sphero) and I laugh every time its head falls off.


10 voters...Halfway done :open_mouth:

Edit: BB-8 is IN THE LEAD!

Another edit: Awesome profile pic @tankt2016 :laughing: I thought it suited you guys


I like the cube! I just got my first account picture!


Emoji is in the lead...I will try it out now :smiley: