"Figure me out" project!


This was inspired by a project I had to do for math class :grinning:

How to do this:

Think of:

  1. Your shoe size
  2. Your favorite number
  3. Your birth month number
  4. The number of states that you have lived in

You can also add your own questions!

Then, make a math equation for each one that gets you the answer to the question!

Then, you can code this. Maybe a tap-and-reveal type thing? It's up to you! I'm coding mine soon. :blush:


Show size? Did you mean shoe size


Yah lol, I meant shoe size! :joy:


are we talking about shoes?


No why lol?


We did this in Math at my school. XD


This is so cool! I might try this out, it's awesome! :smile:


I'm confuzzled

Can u explain pls thicks