FeltedCube's General/Q&A Topic


Hello! This... is my general/Q&A topic. I was inspired by... err... everyone else who made a general topic!
I guess you can ask me questions, which I will gladly answer, or comment and critique my projects?
My hopscotch username is Felted Cube ( XD )


What would you add to HS?
First like + reply!


Yep! Thanks!
What would I add to hopscotch...
Well. Perhaps the most requested addition to hopscotch by the community is a list of followers. That sounds very useful. But it may add more competition to hopscotch, and perhaps more drama too.
I guess... I would want... better search features?
For example... a search bar in your liked projects tab! And, an option to specifically search for exact wording. Rather than similar wording. To narrow down search results. And finally, if it doesn't already.. a feature so the search engine looks for keywords not only on the titles of projects, but text within the projects too! In additon, perhaps programming to read lettering drawn by hand.
That is more than one..


Hmm. Welp, this topic seems to have ended quickly due to the community's lack of knowledge of my existence. Durrpp??
That was sort of the goal of this topic, anyway... a way for the community to become familiar with me.


Would you want to go to Hawaii of Alaska?

(Basically a tropical island or somewhere cold and snowy)

How old are you? (Don't have to answer if you're not comfortable saying your age)

What is your favorite thing about Hopscotch?

Why did you join the forum?





Would you want to go to Hawaii of Alaska? Hmm.. Alaska! Because it is so unlike any other place in the world! There are many places, I guess, which are good for swimming and stuff, like Hawaii.

How old are you? (Don't have to answer if you're not comfortable saying your age) Middle School. That's all I'm saying.

What is your favorite thing about Hopscotch? How friendly and alive the community is! Members of other coding communities don't really interact, but on Hopscotch, everyone has personality! Other communities seem really cold and dark compared to Hopscotch!

Why did you join the forum? I joined the forum to submit my knowledge on the filter, basically. Well, no. I knew the forum would allow me to help others, or be helped. Might as well create an account for when it is needed. Actually, it may help me get a collaboration partner.

'Sup? The sky! No. I am currently taking forever to excitedly type a response to some simple questions. And... I was searching for Shivelight on Deviant art. She has an account!!! I miss her.. And she posted like a week or two ago!! But I would have to make an account there to contact her.. D:


That pic....

Something about it,makes me dislike Donald trump even more.


What the...
What is that?? A snip of... Mobcraft's profile picture?


Yes, and my profile pictures of Azusa that I want won't fit.
Darn you Azusa....


Oh. Her face got cut of in both pictures. ..... I don't think there's a resizing option?


someone hath discover me

Since this is a Q+A topic, what's a favorite drawing medium of yours?


XMM!!!! I miss you!
This is your collab partner, undercover....
A drawing medium? I use pencil, pen, and colred pencil the most. Not very fancy, heh.


Oops! Just putting this here because that other reply was not a 'reply'. Err?