Feelings about the new change in staff? ( Poll time 🎉 )



Hey everyone so a lot of people's were talking about the new change aka taking away mods and leader stuff so I decided to make a poll.

  • I like it
  • Llamaz
  • Idk


Votes are public.


I hate it because so many great 'scotchers are leaving.


About dat, I'm somehow happy


I'm just waiting to see how it goes. I'm sad to see so many people leave :frowning:


This has made a very badchange to the forum that's so big, I'm considering leaving the forum.


Llamas :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you mind if I do a provide one as well?

  • I like it
  • I dislike it
  • I strongly like it
  • I strongly dislike it
  • Idk
  • I don't know how to feel
  • I see the reasons behind it, and I'm not on either side.
  • :monkey_face:



What do ya mean?
noob here sorry


There was a lot of change in the staff, and the kids on there were all demoted to regular. How do you feel about it?


Oh okayyyy thankx