Feeling sad... ;n;


Ok so.....I was on DrawCast and I found this innapropriate drawing that featured a nu.de girl. I commented: "hey there....this is kinda innapropriate so I'm gonna have to flag it." So then this guy (he was a 15 year old I just found out) and he said "dude shu.t up there is nothing innapropriate about this drawing" and so we had this huge argument and then this other guy intervened and well....lets just say the ending wasn't pretty. I need some help. How do I get over these bunch of jer.ks?


You can make a second account and only use that for flagging and don't have conversations with ppl with that account.
No one will know it's you then.


Maybe contact DrawCast admins and get their opinion? I would take a break from DrawCast for a bit until you're feeling better. That way you won't be as angry or frustrated and will hopefully be able to sort things out. You could also make a new account, like Stradyvarious said. That's a good idea.

Hm... this isn't related to Hopscotch. Is there any way you could tie it in? :thinking:


Well, in my opinion, an art of a naked person is not necessarily inappropriate
But how is this Hopscotch related?


Well you probably can't close it so I'd recommend a recycle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok so....everyone ur comments


Didn't mean to make you cry...
you better understand that referance XD


Just cause a drawing has a naked person doesn't mean it's inapropriate tho... But they were being ■■■■■. They could have responded a bit nicer than they did.


Carry on... Carry on...
Nothing really matters.