Feel Happy About Life


Yes, the leaders and moderators have left. Yes, lots of people are leaving because of this. Yes, some of your close Hopscotch friends are leaving. And yes, we are all sad.

But this is a new time, a new opportunity.

We still need people to look up to, who everyone admires for their kindness and knowledge, who can settle fights and make people happy. That person is YOU.

We need you to be the person who we all tag for help. Make new friends, have a fresh start and make Hopscotch a happy place to code again!

Wow, it sounds like I'm running for president!

Don't leave! Please!

wait leaders got demoted?


k I'm nevr sad


Tim stop being sad


No this topic is about being happy listen 2 the person


Be happy! <D


Yes! I totally agree! Just keep on being positive and feel happy :smile:


oh how dar u mak fun of my frozen face



Wait it's frozen I nvr knew dat


ok befor this gets to off topic,

IKeudin 4 pres