#Feedback Squad



Hello Hopscotchers!:grinning: I just came up with this cool idea, the #Feedback Squad. The #Feedback Squad is a group of people who give feedback in this topic. If you like to give feedback then this is the topic for you. Just write your forum username under the #Feedback Squad Members List.

Our goals:
1. To give feedback to Hopscptch users.
2. To give feedback to at least 25 people, from there, our motto will officially be #SquadGoals.

This is also the topic where a person who needs feedback posts their projects to get feedback. The #Feedback Squad will help you.

The #Feedback Squad Members List

Amount Of Forum Users Given Feedback
16 users




I like squads lol they r cool!


Wow! This is awesome! I dont think I will join, but good luck for the rest of your club/squad!


Cool idea!!!


Thanks for the luck @Sprouse!


Can i join?


Sure! @thebestest!:grinning::grinning::grinning:





To defy the 30 character rule, you always have to have the <, but make sure the first character is a letter


Cool idea! I'd love feedback (I have a topic for it btw) on my work!

I can join the squad too though!


@PandaBlossom you are amazing and were one of the first people to support me.

@Pingu you are the liker of all likers

@Intellection74 you are always so calm and understanding, im so glad your a leader.

@EnchantedAnimallover you really make people feel special with your positive ideas!

@MagmaPOP i know your gone but i just want to say, in my opinion you are hopscotch.

@SUPERSWAGGY you are the phisics master, and are nice and easy going.

@KVJ you are such an amazing coder. You are very supportive and active on the forums.

@treefrogstudios you are the positivity queen and always brighten up my day.

@Kiwicute2016 you always have really awesome tittles.

@Bubbles4Ever929 you have come so far and achevied alot.

@OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza You pretty much started art in hopscotch, and alot of people love your art! (Including me)

@BuildASnowman you are super good a math

@AHappyCoder I can tell how much work you put in all your projects, and all of them should get featured

@SmilingSnowflakes is the trail art master!

@Maltese is nice funny, and deserves alll her features

Theres, more, that was just my mini list! #spreadpositivity


Thanks so much! :smiley:


Thank you so much!



Thank you so much I really appreciate it :D


You are officially a #Feedback Squad Member @KVJ!:grinning:


Yay thanks!

:smiley: :smile:


That's an awesome feedback list! Would you like to join the #Feedback Squad?:grinning:


Would you like to join the #Feedback Squad @happy12345678910?:grinning:


Wow, thank you! :0

That's very nice of you :DD


I know lol
I messed up