Feedback since my suspension


So please vote for the best option. Please don't base it off of how I was before the suspension. Please base it off how I have been since my suspension has ended. I want to know how much I have improved. Also, feel free to comment below with any comments about me

How nice am I?

  • Your the nicest person I know
  • Your really nice
  • Your nice
  • Idk
  • Your kinda mean
  • I really really don't like you


Choose up to 2 options

How active am I?

  • Super duper active
  • Your really active
  • Your active
  • Idk
  • Your not active
  • Your not active at all


Choose up to 6 options

How helpful am I?

  • Very helpful
  • Super helpful
  • Kinda helpful
  • Helpful
  • Not helpful
  • Ur never helpful. Ur always so negative
  • Idk


Choose up to 3 options

Are we friends?

  • Bffs
  • Besties
  • Pretty good friends
  • Kinda friends
  • Friends
  • I've heard of u
  • I really don't like you
  • Idk


Choose up to 8 options

My behaviour on the forum overall ( 1 is worst, 10 is awesome

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10


Please answer truthfully and comment below if u have any other thoughts. Please make sure you are voting based off of how I have been since my suspension not before it


Anyone who is voting the more negative options, please explain why


@Ella_13, I can say that you've gotten better after the suspension, and you were great before. I didn't vote anything negative, because there isn't really anything negative to say about you.


Thank you. I feel like someone is trolling cause they voted all the worse opttipns and didn't give an explanation


Well, don't worry about the trolls. They have no idea that you are very nice, cool, and awesome. :DD Can we be friends?


Ya of course :smiley:

You are a super duper nice person


Thank you!
takes bow
You are too! What's your HS username?


You are awesome! I think you were great before the suspension, but could sometimes be a little of topic.

Now, you are great!

Can we be friends?


Ella_13 and ella_13​:soccer:


Okee! Mine is AwesomeNachos||AOPRT.


Of course we can be friends! And I know that I was off topic before my suspension. I just talk a lot so it sometimes goes off topicXD


Awesome! I'll check u out


I'm working on a pixel art for @BB-Box's pixel art competition, so my projects might not be top quality. :0 :DDDD


That's cool! I want to enter but I don't know how to do pixel art XD


I can help you! Go here!

I can help you at that topic!


Thanks so much!!!!!


You're welcome, fren!