Feedback polls!


Hey! I decided I should do a feedback refresher.

What do I need to improve on?

  • Niceness
  • Helpfulness
  • Activity
  • Being less strict
  • Not much


Choose up to 5 options

Votes are public.

What do I do well?

  • Being helpful
  • Being kind
  • Being active
  • Being less strict than I was
  • Not much


Choose up to 5 options

Votes are public.

Overall, how am I doing?

  • You're doing great! You're never rude, and you're fun to be around.
  • You're doing okay. You're rude at times, and need to work on some things, but you're generally cool.
  • You're not doing well. You need to improve on lots of things.


Choose up to 3 options

Votes are public.

Any project feedback or ideas? Post them here.

These are public so I can tag people who voted to get more input.


You should also make private polls, along with public polls for more honest answers. :D


It's not going to hurt my feelings if you choose one of the options that I put there as an option specifically to get feedback.


No, my answers were honest! :D
Some people just answer more honestly if the polls are private, that's all. I understand why you chose to make them public, though!


I wasn't referring to you directly.

I'm just saying, it's not going to upset me if you choose one of the options. If I didn't want it to be an option, I wouldn't have put it there.


My answers are honest :0 :D

How did today I have a feeling you would make one of these? O_0


@GysvANDRegulus, @Sweetlina, @smishsmash, what specifically can I improve on?


There's a few times when you're quite

That's all I see that you need to improve on!


Erm... yeah. I was way too dramatic there.



Let me think

I just want you to be chill

Relax dude

I don't know if it's me or not but do you act differently to other people?

Like let's say Disky

You act normally

But when I come in or someone else comes in I feel like you act differently.

Is that just me?

Sorry if I sound rude

I can delete this post if you wanna!


Yeah, I agree. Part of that is that I'm just not a "chill" person, but i know what you mean.


I like how all your profile pictures are so simple but fun. My favorite was that iguana one though!
Is this feedback?


Me understand.


And I always look forward to when you update your bio with a new "class." Those are really funny.


Hai senpai :D

Here's some super smol things :D
You can be a little bit too snappy sometimes :0 :crab:
woah I used an emoji wow that's new omg

Sometimes i feel like you assume someone is something that their not.
Like I dunno how to explain this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like they say something about themselves and.. I don't know how to explain this xD
Like I dunno if it's just me or... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But your seriously doing great and a lot better than before! :D thanks for being my friend!


Hey Gilly (Your New Nickame for Me)

Can you describe me in one word and why that specific word.

(Anyone can do this)


One word:
@Gilbert189 you're doing great!


Can you quote some times when I've done that?


Done what? :D


@PopTart0219, @Ella_13, when can I improve?