Feedback? Please



Okay, Hi everyone! I want to try to be as helpful as possible on the forum and in hopscotch! And before you ask no, i'm not doing this to get a higher status, I just want to help others and be more productive. I want to be someone others can come to for help or advice. I also want to start posting more helpful posts. So if you can i would love some feedback and suggestions for me. Thank you!


Any suggestions will work, please be 100% percent honest


Can you help me with my pixel pad? I just have a question.


That, is the most hardest question ever.


Of Course! What do you need help on?


I need to figure out how to make it so you can use HSB colors. Any ideas on how? Here are some screenshots.


So are you having trouble putting the hsb in?


I know how to do HSB, It is just that I cannot find a way to make the clones change color to them. Do you want a link?


ohhhh I get it now, i'm not to code at coding but i'll check it out tomorrow :smiley: i may have kinda left my ipad at school... in my locker... where i don't know my combo lol


Alright! It happens. :smile:


lol :smiley:


Try looking through Valgo's pixel pad code. I can help but I'm doing homework :confused:


@SnowGirl_Studios is it ok if I make a topic like this?

Where I can also try to help others


Of course! :smiley: