Feedback please peeps


Can I have some feedback on my guess the Pokemon

The good things and the bad things.I want to improve and make another feature worthy project


Good , it is unique and the Backround is really cool !

Bad , when you get something wrong , you need to go back to the start !


Yeah .The thing is it's kinda supposed to be like that .So it's harder

But thx for the feedback


Your welcome ! You should add more Pokemon of your own , to make it even harder !


Good, its original right now its about a 6/10 (sorry just being honest)

Bad: More questions wouldve made it a 10/10


Yeah that's what my dad said



Also it would be good In my opinion if u could make the background a bit loss vibrant


But overall I would say it's 6.5/10



I'm not doing the same background in the other one


I think that would be a good choice


I think it's a good project! Especially when it comes to trying out the new subscribe feature.


I totally agree
That's some good feedback