Feedback on Starry



Please give me feedbacks on my Forum behaviour and art.

Be honest, I beg you.

Not wanting compliments, just wanna hear what others think of me.

—Lucy (surname) "StarryDream"


Hi starry! I think your very helpful and active and that your extremely nice and have helped the forums grow a lot and you also help keep the forums goal as not only a place for hopscotchers to connect and talk about code but also to have fun and learn so thank you!


I don't really see you on the forum as much as I did in August. Also, do you dream about stars?


Tank you my fren who also loves Friday! (^-^✿)
Never expect that, but thnx ye


Nah, I dream about food and life


I dream about seeing my game back on featured :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: (jk that's weird)


Apparently I dream about sans saying he doesn't like @BipolarBear..... My dreams r weird
(I'm mr.rex's dream) (•_• ) <— me


Do you dream about cake?


I think you are a really great artist, and a very nice, creative person.

However, I think you should sometimes think a little bit more and use more discretion when posting.

Just being honest. Overall, I think you're great though.


Thank you :)))))))))))


You're awesome but your art is not proportionate in some areas




lel I am a fish



TUNAs everywhere





You're a very helpful person, and an amazing fren to be around!

I used forum slang am I cool now?


I think that you're very nice, cool and my absolute copy living in NZ. Really XD


Oh how do i describe you!
You are kind funny nice and sweet
You are a really great friend to have on the forum!
I love everything that you do like drawings and stuff which i do (but i dont live in NZ)
-Your Friend Paige1212


You are very sweet.

I dunno what to say about your art because I haven't seen your latest drawings


I think your a nice person and a talented artist!
I think your going to be an artist!