Feedback on Potter Productions via Google Forms!



@creativecoder what do you man be enabling link access? How do I do it?


Friendly Mass Tag list!



This is what I am seeing...


Can you guys please not use the tag list for these? It's constant tagging, and it's actually like inviting someone to troll you.

I like being tagged, but I have no interest in these types of forms, and it gets annoying because I can't answer them all!

Thanks for understanding! :D


I fixed it. Should be better now.


Yeah, but if I don't no one comes....


But she made it only 10 minutes ago.

I reccomend that if you want attention to this, just keep reviving the topic.


That's right..I made a topic like this too. I am going to remove the tag list. Wait but then they will still be tagged. Well, thanks for future reference!


@codingcupcake123 try again it should be fixed I am using my school email I'm sorry.


Alright, WHO was unknown potato?


Omg this made me soooo happy and @intellection74 haha very funny but YAS


OH my gosh this guy was soooooo mean


Don't pay attention to those annoying mean people, they want you to get mad. But I don't want that to happen.


I also got "Secret (this is not a troll!) I also got a really mean bad cursing person. Gave me a HS username..Looking it up. Eh found nothing. Called me a LOT of names. Wish i could report it, but there's nothing i can do.


Just ignore that person and delete their response if you can figure out how to... Ask @creativecoder


@friendship2468 your feedback was so nice! :slight_smile:


You're welcome but your coding is amazing!


That guy was just trying to make you feel bad about yourself! Don't listen to them you are awesome!!!


I created mine
Everything was completely honest, nothing sugar coated, so please read it cautiously, and don't take offense :wink: