Feedback on my summer game?


I worked pretty hard on it! I plan on adding more things, this was just the first edition. This was for the leaders summer contest. Criticism?






Maybe give it a background?


Maybe you could add a little animation to your sun tapper when it's tapped? Or change the sizes of the water drop when it's tapped, to add a little variety, or more water drops?

It's really cool! I can't wait to see what else you add.


Well done :smiley:

Maybe add some time limits to increase the challenge? You don't have to put a count down per se, but maybe add some animation that correlates to the desired time limits.

For the sun, I was picturing the sun rising above a horizon on the right. Rising and setting in an arc on the left.
For the water, a cloud moving on the top came to mind with the water droplets falling from the cloud

Maybe even both at the same time. It'd be a "sun shower". That definitely says summer to me.

Happy coding. If you'd like any help feel free to ask.


I played it, and I liked it! One thing:
I'm not sure if I liked it on Hopscotch. XD

In my opinion, it's a simple game with mini games!