Feedback on My Skills?


So... I was kinda wondering what my part is in the community, so if anybody could reply with feedback, that would be great.


Or else I'll stop following you, and if I don't...

Then I'll NEVER follow you!

OKAY... Enough evil voice... So...
Be sure to include bad stuff too!
Recently I have been unfollowed (sadly :sob:) by many Hopscotchers, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. So please reply!


You are an amazing coder! I suggest that you should make more music because that's what people really like to see from you!


O-okay evil voice D:

I like your projects. Idk why people are unfollowing you. Maybe it's the "Why Donald Trump is Best" project XD


Sorry evil voice D:

Like Dancing Lollipop said, see what the community likes! You're a great coder, and you'll do fine!


"anything that is not feedback"

Problem? XD

I posted feedback already. K?


You just did :wink:. And @Snoopy , maybe you could experiment with different types of projects and see what the community likes the best!


I know how you feel. MagmaPOP followed me for about 3 hours, then I made a reply telling him not to make a drawing account, and he unfollowed. :neutral_face:

Some tips
Music: Try to make the first note of every "measure/bar" a chord, it makes the atmosphere of the song more clear

Shoutouts: Though these people are great Hopscotchers, keep shout outs to a minimum, it makes you look more professional

"Celebrations": Unless it's a holiday, act like you've been there before, and don't make a big deal out of getting on rising, or a famous Hopscotcher followed you.


I don't think you are doing anything wrong. If you think there's something that needs to change, then go ahead.


@Snoopy, which of your projects do you think best shows your skills? And what other kinds of things do you think you might want to learn how to do?


Yes! MagmaPOP followed me for about a week, and I did something wrong, and he unfollowed me... :sob:


I don't know... What do I do the best?

  • games
  • drawings
  • leave a trail art
  • text art
  • movies
  • shoutouts
  • tutorials
  • music
  • Other (Please Tell Me)



I think you're a good Hopscotcher, it's just that you can be rather harsh at times :slightly_smiling: