Feedback On My New Game: Inner Tube Rafting



Hi there! =D
I recently published a new game called Inner Tube Rafting, and I would really appreciate some feedback!
Basically, your goal is to survive for as many seconds as possible without touching the red squares that are randomly placed every second.

It's really laggy, does anyone know how I can fix the lag?
Please play the game, and comment your feedback down below. You may also tell me your highscore! Thank you!

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Cool game! :D I just wish it loaded quicker, but other than that, I like it! :) My high score is 7. :)


Thank you, @RainbowGalaxy! =D I'm trying to figure out how to make it load faster, do you have any tips?
Nice high score! Mine is 6 D:


I'll check the code to see if I can help with the loading. :D


Okay! =D Please don't ask why there's a random canoe! xD


Ok, I'll remember that. :)


Which text did you use to create the loading bar?


The loading is controlled by the square that's making the water background. The loading stops when the background squares are all cloned.


This is a super cool game! The loading screen does take a while but it's worth the wait! Super awesome!


Thanks! This means a lot coming from an amazing coder like you :blush: What's your high score?


Well um, I didn't realize that the game had started so I ran into the red thingy right away, sooo.... my high score is 0. XD


Ooohhhh yeahhhh...can you help me with a restart button?


I find that restart buttons are reaaallly hard to make because the involve a lot of resetting things. It would be really helpful though! I can try to think of a way to restart and let you know!


Is anyone on who has played the game?


Hi @BellaWafflez17! I have been playing around with the code for your rafting project and I have found a way to add a restart button! I also made the loading screen a lot faster. Here is the link:


Awesome! May I have a link?
Is it a draft? If so, how do you share links to drafts?..


I posted it. I wish you could share drafts but you can't. :confused: Did you see the link? I posted it above :wink:


What does "trade drafts" mean, then?


Hmm, I have no idea :thinking:


The Restart button is great! :+1::+1:
The problem with the loading is that the water background needs to be fully done before the game is loaded. I have an idea! I'll remix your project so you can see it as soon as I publish.