Feedback on my game



So! You know my Comic Creator! Which I asked for comments, and thanks @Awesome_E and @FearlessPhoenix for replying! The link to Comic Creator is here-
Well, I made another game which is fun and entertaining! Here is the link-
Please check it out and let me know if

  1. You find it fun and entertaining
  2. You would nominate it for featured
  3. If you like it
    Thank you! Let me know!
    From @CoderOfMagic


No prob!

Since you have a bunch of new projects, why don’t you just make one topic and post all of your new projects there?


@Ana this is stuck in the filter and this


Like @FearlessPhoenix said, why not make a topic for all your projects instead of making a single topic for each project? It’d be easier, and wouldn’t clog up the New Topics tab.


Also, you don’t need to put that, people know it’s from you. According to your username in the corner of the post. ; D


@CoderOfMagic I think your game was really cool! Maybe you could add some more sticker options?


The “dodging game” is really cool! Awesome job with that! :slight_smile:


Thanks @CTS! I will improve it!


Thanks @tankt2016
I’m new, and not an expert, I have a lot to learn!


How did you write a blocked word in the title?


At least spell “here” properly.


Who are you?


CTS your on here?
Oof I had this whole post that helped the others get the password to our collab check it out


Thanks for the featured @Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SmileyAlyssa
I couldn’t do this without all your help and ideas!


Congrats, you deserved it! :smiley:


Lol the hopscotch curators and madi liked your post