Feedback on my first trail art?


I (the boy) would like some feedback on my first trail art!
I think its cool. All with one text object!


It's really impressive! I like it.


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But there's a cloud infront of the umbrella... Which would meen it was very close to the ground! If you want it that way, it's fine!


That's great! Keep going and you'll get even better! :3


I'll try to improve that! And thanks for the feedback!


I try to do that in the next part!


It's so great Tankt! You should really continue going trail art :D


Thanks! I think I'll post all my trail arts here!


It great!
I would like to see more of your trail art if you decide to post it here‚Äč:wink:.


Okay, I'll do just that!


I always run out of likes at the wrong time!


That is awesome way better than my first trail art :smiley:


I'm outta likes for 11 more minutes.