Feedback on draft


So I'm working on this character inspired by @Intellection74 @Mathgirl and a doodle. It's very early on, so it will change a lot. But what? Not sure what to do! Can I have help? Here's the thing:


It's really cool! Maybe you could add some more details? :smile:


Its pretty good, maybe make it smile, add arms and legs, and animate it!


I will, as I said, I just started. Needs a lot. But what exactly?



I think that you need an outline of da square and some highlight in da eyes.


Wow, this is very cool so far! Are you using a reference image or was this made out of your imagination? Is there something specific you want this to turn out looking like? Are you using a certain art style?


Thanks! This is my imagination. I have no idea where it's going. Mostly, I'm trying to get it to look good. @Intellection74


Okay. Just wondering. Hm... Maybe try to center the eyes and mouth a bit. Other than that, I'd just say to have fun with it! Do whatever you think fits. That's the fun of designing- you can do whatever you want! :smiley:


I like the sad look in it's eyes.
Maybe you could add feet with toenails and have it wear headphones.


Small improvements that made a huge difference.


@Intellection74 @Stradyvarious any ideas on how to fill the mouth?


You could fill the mouth a pink skin color and make a small crease down the center to make it look like a tongue


Ok. I just lost all progress when my iPad died. I'm really bummed right now. @Rodrigo @liza @thomas @Montoya @Meg any way you could save it?


NOOOOOOO! That was so cool


I hate when that happens! It was so cute D:


Ok. I re did it. What do you think? @Themasterofairjitzu @Intellection74 @Stradyvarious

He is reminding me of oh noes on khan academy.


I could of used sin and cos to challenge myself, but I didn't.


Should I add more?


@BellaWafflez17 @StarryDream @ThePickle


Awesome! You should center the face, though! =D


That is looking really good! Maybe add some eyebrows, arms, legs and a hat/hair?
Animations will also look cool!