Feedback on a new Easter game needed ! Comments, suggestions etc



So I made an Easter game and worked SUPER hard on it I know that some people have already seen it. I published it like, yesterday I think. Anyways I need some people to check it out here it is and once you have seen it I would just answer this really quick poll:
What do you think of my easter game ?

  • good
  • great
  • amazing
  • okay
  • not the best
  • needs improvement
  • awful


If you have any suggestions or comments , please write them down below.


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It's awesome! What would be cool (maybe you can do this in a future update) is if you could add accessories (I mean, not all of us are great at art...:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) like the sunglasses emoji that you could drag onto the bunny. This is just a suggestion and something I, personally, would like to have. :slight_smile:


I tried to do that although, it would always leave a trail of the colour that you were using for the drawing. It didn't work well because when you drag it, it leaves a huge mark from where you started to where you ended it. Sorry , I can't do that without it leaving a trail . Thanks for the suggestion @BasketballNerd ! ;D


No, you can, using values! :D


Okay umm....
How? Sorry :neutral_face::sweat_smile:
Wait , do you do like ex.:
When ( accessories ) is pressed
Set value ( I don't know) to 1
Drawing text
When (I don't know ) = 1
Move to my finger thing
One of the codes for the colours
When ( bla bla bla )
Check once if ( I don't know ) doesn't equal 1
Bla bla bla

@GysvANDRegulus ?


Please ignore the bla bla blas ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smile::sweat_smile:


Here's how!
1) Make a "When _ is pressed" rule (Note that you have to do steps 1 and 2 multiple times if you have more than one object you don't want to leave a trail)
2) Add "Set Value (whatever) to 0" and after, "Set Value (whatever) to 1"
3) Make a rule that says "When (whatever) equals 0"
4) Add "Wait 2 milliseconds", "Check Once if (whatever) equals 0", "Wait 2 milliseconds" inside it, still inside, "Check Once if (whatever) equals 0", and then inside, "Set Value (Okay to Draw) to 1"
5) Make a "When (whatever) equals 1" rule
6) Add "Set Value (Okay to Draw) to 0"
7) Put a "Check Once if (Okay to Draw) equals 1" outside of all the Leave a Trail blocks
8) Your result should be this:

When _ is pressed

Set Value (whatever) to 1
Set Value (whatever) to 0

When (whatever) equals 0

Wait 2 milliseconds
|Check Once if (whatever) equals 0
|Wait 2 milliseconds
||Check Once if (whatever) equals 0
||Set Value (Okay to Draw) to 1

When (whatever) equals 1

Set Value (Okay to Draw) to 0

Leave a Trail code

Check Once if (Okay to Draw) equals 1
| Leave a Trail who knows what's here except for you?
| whatever you put in the Leave a Trail Stuffs
|Leave a Trail End

You could also just read Step 8 and copy it…. :D


I think I got it . I'll be working on the 1.1 version soon .
Thanks for the help ! Although it might not be out until after Easter , due to all the company coming over for the Easter holidays! :sweat_smile::open_mouth::blush:


@GysvANDRegulus I'll send you the draft of it once I've finishished the code....


That is so cute! :D

Awesome bunny! :D


Wow, cool project! Like some other people, I love the bunny! :D

If you want, you could also post that here:

You don't have to though! :D


Omg sorry , I never saw that topic !


It's okay! :wink:


The bunny.... He's so cute! I love him soooooo much! This is an awesome game BTW
Edit: that bunny gonna look fantabulous this Easter


I agree ! A lot of people have remixed him with awesome outfits ! Some silly, some creative, well, they are all creative, and some downright adorable. It makes me happy to see that so many people appreciate my projects ! I'm kind of out of ideas at the moment, but most times I just look around for inspiration and play with codes and voila ! A new project!


That. Is. Amazing! I love the colors, and the text art is marvelous! :clap::smile: