Feedback for tankt2016 (boy)



Inpired by @Gilbert189, @Anonymous, and @OrangeScent1.
I would want to see how people think of me, the boy on the forum and Hopscotch! Please vote below…

  • You’re very helpful on the forum! You brighten things up and stay positive. I can see you with that Leader badge now!
  • I like you, but you could improve on some stuff.
  • You’re just average, a secret reader
  • I don’t like you.
  • I hate you.

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  • You’re my idol on Hopscotch!
  • I follow you on Hopscotch
  • I like you’re projects on Hopscotch
  • I check you out once in a while
  • I haven’t heard of you
  • I hate you

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Overall, how am I?

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I would like some ■■■■■■■■ and constructive criticism!


meerur sez that can be naisr wen talking 2 peepl
but u r a kewl persun


Do you think I have good grammar?


Meerur on teh wal sez:

but it still iz not perfekt

For exampl: ur 2nd last poll has a gramer mistaek

It's "your" and not "you're" for the 3rd opshin

b carful


I can't edit it. :D


On the poll, it should be "your projects" instead of "you're projects".

Whoops! @meerur beat me to it. XD


Can you please edit it? I can't anymore.


I can't either after the first five minutes.


You can be nice but u can be mean. I hope we can work out our differences(maybe we already did) so we can become friends


I do not remember when I was mean to you. But, it is okay!
This is the boy.


It's mostly the girl but sometimes you but that's okay


naise meerur