Feedback for Space Ninja


Does anyone have any feedback for Space Ninja. I'd love to make a 2.0 fixing all the mistakes (if I have any) I noticed I got lots of remixes, does it mean it's featured worthy?


I honestly thought it was already on featured!


You should put a link​:slight_smile:



Why did it last on Trending for so long?


wait its on trending how did i not see that but the games super good it should be on featured btw i used your link


Thanks! :smiley: ;D love compliments :smiley:


OMG he replied that is AWSOME a really good coder has just replied to me my life just turned around​:heart::heart::heart:


Does anyone have any more feedback. Please I need to know!


That's amazing!

I love the little details like the feet moving up and down as you jump from platform to platform.

It's an interesting game. :D

It's also like the amazing game changer, bananadog's doodle jump, which I also really enjoyed playing, so no wonder I love this so much. XD


Thank you thank you !! :smiley:


No problem. :D

It's a very amazing and fun game. :D


I actually dont know what you could fix, Its already super awesome


Anymore feedback for Space Ninja?


Yeah I think the rocket part my be to OP I mean sure it can save you but makes you go super high and wow I really stink at explaining things...