FeedBack For SnowGirl Studios & Creative Coder



Please Don't Troll it okay


Guys please? I would really appreciate some feedback.


I did it! I loved filling out the form! I think it was cool how u did that.


I did it! I should do these types of polls more often! :slight_smile:


Go onto Google Forms. Then create a form of your choice. When you finish press send and copy the link. After that just paste it into the reply/topic.

Thanks for doing it!


I really love all the feedback i'm getting so far!


Wow, thanks for all the positive comments! I have only gotten 2 trolls! Thats good. I have 11 reponses


Thank you @creativecoder and @Sparkczy i love the feedback!

Okay who did CodeLife is SGS? and cussed and did the lowest scores? Even though it is anonymous, what if you were the person who received that?


Whoever wrote that is a troll and you shouldn't listen to them. They probably have those feelings about themselves and take it out on others.


Yea, the only bad thing is since its on the forum and is anonymous, since i'm pretty sure no one outside the forum knows the codelife thing, Its someone currently on the forum since i just got that response.


Maybe it's @CodeLife?


There is no trace of codelife if you look at his profile... I think he is gone of the forum


Hmm. Then it's probably some troll. They're obviously too afraid to reveal who they are, though, so I wouldn't worry.


Yea. Kind of why I said,

I'm trying better not to let the hate get me down


Did you see mine?


I just got it, I'm going to read it right now.


@Kiwicute2016 Thank you for the feedback! So you said "you lash out about at people!" I'm not too sure what you meant. Can you maybe give me some examples? And maybe how I can stop doing it?


@SnowGirl_Studios is it okay if I put mine here? I don't really want to make a new topic...


Specifically, I can't quite remember.

A simple example would be someone insulted you, saying you're project was horrible.
You might immediately take offence (as anyone should) and possibly say something mean back.

A way to avoid this is by asking why the project isn't great and how you, yourself, can improve. This makes the person think more, and if they really hate it, they'll have a good reason, but most times, they won't be able to, and that's when you know it's a troll.


Of Course!