Feedback for new game


I'm in the process of making a spiral maker game. Any tips for things to add? It's not finished yet.


@HoppingBanana that's an amazing project!!! Do you think you could add more colors or make the spirals look different! Its a great game!!!


A rainbow option (filling space)


@Bubbles4Ever929 @smishsmash yeah I could add those options! Thank you for the feedback!


Your welcome @HoppingBanana :smiley: happy to help


Woah I just modified the code a little bit to try random colors and it looks like thread on a white spiral thing (really cool) also that's awesome


That sounds awesome! I will try to tinker with the code myself.


I'm trying to get my game done on Wednesday. I have added lots of other colors and 3 more spirals. I'm experimenting to find other types.