Feedback for Maltese! c:



Hi! c:

This was inspired by @UndertaleTacoz and @EmmabugOnTheForum! :D

I want to see what the community thinks of me, since I want to become a better person every day. c:

Here's a few polls! :D

How nice am I?

  • Very nice!
  • Nice!
  • Not really nice.
  • Not nice at all, time to improve! :D


Do I need to improve on my coding?

  • No, you're fine!
  • Yes!
  • Yes, and try to code something that's a challenge! (Reply with some ideas, please! :D)
  • Definitely :0


How's my positivity? :D

  • Awesome!
  • Good.
  • Try to be a little more positive! c:
  • You really need to improve your positivity! :0


Thank you so much, if you voted! :D

Have an amazing rest of your morning/afternoon/night/midnight! c:


You, Maltese—are the most positive, nicest being on the entire community!

You are an amazing coder! :DD



I have no words for how amazing you are, so I'm not going to say anything else.



Thank you so much! :D

You made my day ;u;

Here's an aqua 'c:' heart. c:



I am guessing some troll picked all the bad ones for every poll


Thank you so much! ;u;

You're awesome. c:


I'm fine with that! :D

Maybe I do need to improve! :0



It's the Vicious Voters...

There's always one in every poll... :0

Don't be doubtful of yourself, @Maltese! :DD


There's actually a few. xD

It's okay, they just think I need to improve! :D

There was no offerred choice on the poll saying that I'm bad, and I made sure of that. :3


You are the most amazing person I know!

I voted the best one for each!


That makes me feel so special ;u;

You're a really great friend, @EnchantedAnimallover :D

Thank you so much! c:

And thank you so much to everyone! c:


I want feedback, but I ready created three topics this week!

I don't want to clog up the forum!


Hmm. Do you want me to create some polls for you here? :3

Or, I can make a new topic for you! :3



Thanks so much!

You are an maxing friend!

Make it in a post, please!

I don't want to put you in too much trouble! :0


I can make a topic! :3

It's fine with me -- you're not putting me through any trouble :D


@Maltese awesome topic! You're the nicest and one of the most amazing people in the universe! :000 :D

@EnchantedAnimallover how about making it on your "general topic"? :D Or Maltese can be the amazing person she is and make a topic. XD :D


Done editing the post!

Also, great idea!

But I'm pretty sure Maltese already started. xD



That's so nice of you, @Bananadog ;u;

Thank you so much ;u;


No, I wouldn't start, until I get an agreement from you! xD

I don't want to do anyhting you don't want. :0

Do you still want me to make a topic? :3


I voted the best option on all of them.
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