Feedback for Maltese! c: (with public polls!)



Hi guys! c:

This is just like my last feedback topic, only with one difference that the polls are public. :0

This was inspired by @Gilbert189! c:

Here's my polls from the other topic, including some new ones! :D

How nice am I?

  • Very nice!
  • Nice!
  • Not very nice.
  • Not nice at all, time to improve! :D


Votes are public.

Do I need to improve on my coding?

  • No, you're fine!
  • Yes!
  • Yes, and try to code something that's a challenge! (Reply with some, please! c:)
  • Definitely :0


Votes are public.

How's my positivity? :D

  • Awesome!
  • Good.
  • Try to be a little more positive! c:
  • You really need to improve your positivity! :0


Votes are public.

Should I be more active on Hopscotch?

  • No, you're fine already!
  • Maybe.
  • Yes!
  • Yes -- a lot :0


Votes are public.

Should I be more active on the forum?

  • No, you're fine!
  • Maybe a little.
  • Yes!
  • Yes -- a lot :0


Votes are public.

Thanks for voting! c:

Here's some questions without polls.

Please try to answer them! c:

What do I mostly need improvement on?

Any tips for getting better?

Thanks so much, if you answered those questions! c:


Oops, I posted it when I wasn't done. Sorry. XD

Don't mind me. XD


Lel xD!
Chakin is laughing.
Good job m8!
You made chakin heepy!


I already know what I'm going to vote for all these polls!



Now I need to edit this and fast XD


Thanks fren c:

I need to get to work now XD



@Maltese go edit those polls! :D


stalks and spamlikes, waiting for the polls which i'm going to vote the best options on yey c:


Thanks for the 'fabulous' tag, by the way, @GoatLord XD

You guys can vote now, sorry for the confusion! xD


And... No votes so far. :0


So the reason I voted
Yes, try to code a challenge (rely with some, please! C:)
Was not because I don't think your text art is amazing


it just we could all improve, you can improve, I can improve, MagmaPOP CAN IMPROVE!
Everyone in this forum can improve too!

Try coding a complicated (I can't spell it!)
I'll get pics as soon as I spell it XD


Wait when peeps say text art do they mean trail art, or?


True. :0

What's a Madeline? XD


Sorry, I can't spell!
I have no idea XD
I only woke up a few mins ago

ermergersh I woke up at six, I call that sleeping in :0

I can't spell
My brain is dea.d XD


Oh -- it's okay! D:

I'm sorry that I'm stressing you out or anything. :0


No, you didn't c:

You didn't stress me out!

Sorry if I sounded stressed out D:


Okay -- Just making sure :D




I voted yes, you need to improve coding because everyone can improve, not as in "your coding is bad" :D


Okay! Thanks so much for voting! c:


I don't know! Honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe making games a little more then just trail art! But seriously, your amazing, senpai!

Idk, nope!
Your awesome!!!!!!!