Feedback for Lava Route



Hey guys,
I really want Lava Route to be featured but there might be a few difficulties. E.G too hard, too easy, too fast, too laggy, bad graphics ext. So I really want some feedback so that I can make it an awesome game that's definitely featured worthy. Feedback would be really helpful.


BTW I'm ok with with opinions and critical feedback.


Can you post a link?

That's the link.
Here's a picture


Wow thats actually a great game! I had lots of fun playing it!


Lol I nominated it a while ago, but it didn't get featured...


Lol, I think it was too close to Lava Tiles, but now it's been a while.


Anyone online??????? I need feedback...


God that's a really good game


Thanks! I love compliments!


Lol I bet u do


! Lol that's funny as!



I like your artwork and the speed of your game.
It should have been on Featured. :slight_smile:


Cheers @Stradyvarious I hope it does make featured!


I think it is really good!
Make the bad object move faster that will make it more fun!
Also put the 'object collected' further up and a different colour and if possible different font...


Cheers but it gets harder as it progresses so once it is 25 the "bad objects" travel extremely fast.


Cool, that is a really good game.

Do u have any feedback for me "DA-BEAST"?


For some reason the game does things that I haven't coded...
E.G sometimes when you tap try again it brings you back to the game over screen? Anyone know why.

Check it, here's the link


Yeh, you need to start making games again, they were really good, especially nut shot.