Feedback for Flappy Golf... + more


I've noticed flappy golf isnt too popular. I thought it might be the most popular game ever! Is there a bug or glitch to be commented on? I want to know if there's any feedback needed either.

If not, could someone explain why Flappy Golf isn't so popular..

Problem solved: Lag and Load.

Can you guys give me advice.
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Of course I care! I was somewhere else.


I'm not directing the question to you; some people live across the world. Sorry!


I know, I was expressing why I didn't see it. I have some feedback. The loading screens(Yes plural) are too long. And when I was about to exit to give this feedback, 1 number 1 started to circle like a orbit around the "LOADING" symbol. Is that supposed to happen?


I did that if you're too bored. So yes and no. I couldn't help the loading screens. I guess all games need to load...


I think people just don't notice it. Like my games. Ahhh. Anyways it should be on game changers!


OMG! You mean it!!!! That's so many people now saying that it should be on game changers!!! Thanks soo much!! You're awesome!!!

(How wouldn't people notice it?)


Of course I mean it! What else should I mean?


It's an amazing game! There is just some lag in it, but other than that, it should be on game changers!


Well... it's on featured, isn't it?

Then it's noticed! Have you seen the amount of likes on that project? :0

There's nothing wrong with it!


Don't worry, this game is amazing! :DD