Feedback for Bluedogmc! Google form! Please fill out!



Please fill this out! I need honest feedback! I'm just going to ignore the trolls! Thanks!
Please give honest answers, i wont take any offense. I want to know the truth!




thanks for filling it out @Huggingfluffybear!
if you didnt fill it out, someone said they were you!


I filled it out for you!




No problem!!! It was my pleasure!



Instead of using a tag list for these, try simply "reviving" it, by posting in it!

That will bring it to the top of newest, and get more attention!


ok thanks! i used the tag list so lots of people would give feedback!:blush:


Please don't abuse the tag list powers...


I don't know why people think @bluedogmc-official is doing wrong. They are using the friendly tag list, that everyone can use. And they only used it once, so it's not anoying or anything. Why is everyone saying not to abuse the powers? @bluedogmc-official didn't do anything wrong!


She's not, I agree!

However, there may have been better ways to call attention to the topic! That's all I'm saying. :wink:


I'm a girl :joy:
I agree with @SmileyAlyssa, I really don't think I'm abusing the power, but everyone has a opinion


Sorry, my keyboard is acting up... :grimacing:

I knew you were a girl.


Okay, thank you!

@bluedogmc-official I didn't know if you were a girl xD



I agree with @SmileyAlyssa, how is she abusing the power? Shes not using is like 1000 times right?