Feedback for Anonymous!



I've seen lots of people making these kinds of topics, and I think I want one too! Please criticize my channel! (On hopscotch)


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Feel free to say mean things, but
1. Not too mean
2. Explain why, you can't just say "Your channel is bad".
Thank you!


No channel is perfect. I would work on making games :wink:.


Um, I think we should merge all of these topics into one "Rate My Channel" topic, there are several topics of these clogging up the forum. But congratulations on making that drawing pad music kit, it should be on Featured!


Yeah! I realized that I haven't made any games yet! :sweat_smile:


Is 1 the worst and 10 the best?


I think your channel doesn't need criticism! Your music is amazing, and that already includes ALOT of trial and error and code. Your draw/music pad is mind blowing, and extraordinarily creative! People are inspired by your ideas. Criticism is out of the question for me! :wink:


Your channel is great!


You don't need any criticism! Your one of those people who just make outstanding projects! They leave people amazed when they see it! Your projects are very creative and that's why people love your channel!


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Great Hopscotcher, my only advice would be to reach out to lesser Hopscotchers more often. Post more!


I voted 10!! Cause you are awesome!


Any more critics who want to criticize my channel?