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@oio made a really good suggestion for featuring projects on the forum that are awesome, cool or just make you smile.

It could be featured by the Hopscotch Team or mods but I was also thinking that anyone could share a project that they liked from someone else. You can say what you liked about what they did, and we could all learn from their project too :smile:

Commenting system in Hopscotch

@oio I'd love to do that, that's a great idea! There have been a lot of times where I've wanted to compliment Hopscotchers on their projects and give them feedback on what they did well and ideas for improvement, but the only way to do it really was by remixing their project.

I think a commenting system in Hopscotch would be great for giving praise on each individual project, but then again people might post mean things too. And with the commenting system that we were discussing in this post to try and get around mean comments, it's hard to be specific about what you like in a project, which is a downside.

Sharing projects on the forum would be great and everyone else can give more specific praise, like "I've made this project. What do you guys think of it?", or we could feature a project by someone as well, which would be really nice. Then people can say what they enjoyed about it and the creator can discuss more about how they made it, which is what you're talking about :smiley:

The only thing with sharing our own projects is that people might use that just to advertise themselves, which isn't the behaviour we'd like to encourage in the forum. Featuring other people's projects is a really great suggestion.

It would take time though as you say, browsing through the Community and sharing it on the forum. Or we could encourage the community to do it too, share a project that they like and what they liked about it, and perhaps even how you might be inspired by it to do another project.

This suggestion of complimenting extends beyond commenting, so here's a new discussion on Featuring on the forum.


I think that this is a really cool idea!


I love ted talks and I think that would be good but they'll have to fuzz out the face


That's funny, @Wow_woman.

Not exactly what I meant, when I brought up the subject. I was speaking figuratively. I don't really envision someone giving a "talk". I guess they could, but that seems like a little bit of overkill. I guess that's what YouTube is for, if somebody really, really, really wants to share something in front of a camera.

What I mean is that, if the invitation is expressed by the community or the moderators, the coder could take the opportunity to explain or to teach others about the unique features in his or her project, and do it in as much detail as he or she wishes. No need to fuzz anything. :smile:

One of the ways in which I see this being useful and gratifying is not just for its own sake. Coders write code because they love doing it, anyway. The point of that extra sharing step that I had in mind is that some of the participants on this forum and of those who write code in Hopscotch all over the place - maybe in school...as an assignment... - could be recognized locally by their peers and teachers, in addition to the recognition they receive on the forum - for having done a fantastic job of not only writing something clever... but also for having taught something about it to a global audience. The Internet makes that really easy. Besides, sharing and teaching are really nice things to do. I think they make us better people, and even help us to become smarter. And, yes, it's impressive. A lot more interesting and a lot more fun, i think, than a book report. If I was a schoolteacher, and if part of my class was learning Hopscotch, and if one of my students was recognized on the forum and invited to answer questions about his or her outstanding program, and if he or she did a nice job of explaining it to other people, that student would get a big, fat A+! I think it would be great practice for whoever gets to do it. I think it would help to keep the focus in the forum on the things that matter, and I think it could even help to build a student's code "resume".

I think you see where this is going… but, hey, it's just a fun idea and not much more. :sunglasses:


I totally agree (sorry it was a random thought, anyway I'm too you to watch ted talks**strong text**


This is a wonderful topic!
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