Featuring, and it's value


A new trend has appeared on the forums "x is not as good as me" "x started a year later and got featured 3 times" Well, first of all lets explain how featuring works, @Liza (correct me if I'm wrong) and other staff members pick a project that they found especialy interesting or good. They then post it on the featured channel and the likes start raining in. But we must ask ourselves what really is the value of a feature? Is Hopscotch really just a way to expand your ego? No, Hopscotch is a place where people come together to create something beautiful and interesting. So getting a feature is amazing, but can we really say that our Hopscotch career is pointless if we never get featured? No again, you should be proud of yourself no matter if it gets 10 likes or 10,000 likes. Don't let somebody else tell you how good you are! Love your creations!
-Golden Gadget
(Btw I've never been featured)
Also feel free to express your opinions down below!


this is beautiful, but I can't like right now, so here :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Kinda feel like a hippie right now :3


I agree in a way. I have lots more things that I could do in coding than hopscotch. I am working on an app right now. I could make money off of apps like that. With hopscotch, it's only popularity. Although, I do think the system is a little rigged. The same people get featured over and over no matter how good the project in, while I have spent weeks on some projects and only get 4 likes. I'm still proud of them, though.


Yep! I totally agree!


I agree how you agree!


I agree with that, I guess.


@GrizTheBear I totally agree (I've never been featured either)
However, if someone like MagmaPOP was saying this, I would be like: :rage::imp:
But since you're saying it, I'm like: :smile::grinning::+1::ok_hand::100:


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Good morning @GrizTheBear! To answer your question, we choose Featured projects based on a lot of different factors. They can be complex or simple, funny or serious, and it can also depend on what else we see that week. I totally agree with you about likes; whether you get 10 or 10,000 likes, the whole purpose of Hopscotch is to be a supportive community where we can build and learn together! You are so much more than the likes your project receives.


just take all of my likes topic, take all of them


This is so cute! I totally agree with this. Hopscotch is totally for learning code and having fun! Who cares if you don't get likes, as long as you like them, everything is great!

Dudey's topic! (Has been April foolsed) rip

I agree! :D

Welcome to the forum! I hope you will have a wonderful and amazing time here!


Perfectly said! I kind of figured out that you guys choose a variety each week, and you are so right! The whole point is really to learn, everyone is so much more than likes!


Well said!I can't like right now so here is a :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I agree, you got featured and then 3 others got featured at the same time:(


I agree @Dude73 what a very good point to make


Oh goodness the cringe


Is non existent


Oh it is very existent very very existent