Featured vs Trending


Featured vs Trending

Something I have noticed on Hopscotch (I'm sure you have too) is that the projects at the top of featured get way more likes than projects at the top of trending. Why is that? They are both main tabs. Why is it that people look at featured more than trending?

A few weeks ago I did an experiment:

Top of trending: 117 likes
Top of featured: 76 likes

4 and a half hours later...

Top of trending(same project): 148 likes
Top of featured(same project: 306 likes

Trending increase in likes: 31
Featured increase in likes: 230

I just thought that the difference in likes increase was interesting! :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know what you think!


I think featured gets more because it is the first tab you see when you open up hs, so people tend to look at it... (Lol I do at least)


Trending requires two additional taps to view. Featured is just automatically there.


Cuz when u click on the app the projects pop up so ur laik "woa das kewl! like"

Or idk if they changed it dun have hs


Dat got more likes than the actual topic wow


I personally don't really look at Trending or tabs other than Featured, Following, and Remixes of My Projects. Maybe others don't care about Trending too…
Or the quality of Trending projects aren't as gud as Featured?
(alternates to the most logical)


Lol idk, that's what I was thinking XD


Yep, and that too. But trending has some great projects, too!


Featured projects are also at the top for longer. They also tend to have a lot more coding in the project compared to trending which has mostly art. It's kind of annoying looking through trending and wanting to find coding instead of drawings.
Btw I do love art but I would love to also see coding (not much of it on trending)


Thanks for responding!
I totally know what you mean. I look on trending a lot, hoping to find some cool coded projects, but I mostly just see art. (Not that art isn't awesome!) It's just that I am hoping to see more coding.


Yes, trending has a mixture of coding, art, remixes, and other random stuff. Great point! :smiley:


What, nice reply? What's so great about what I said? Lol


On my TRENDING I have 21likes


I have tons of Trendings. Trending is enough for me :)


That's wat I think too!


I also realized featured projects get put on the front page more than trending.


The front page is featured..?


Good Point!
This is probably because of the new users,
When I was knew I liked everything I saw :)


Maybe because some people don't know how to change tabs...


Yea when I first got hopscotch I didn't even know there were other tabs. XD