Featured Requirements?



I was just wondering how a project gets featured. My friend has been featured before and I was just wondering how a project gets featured. Thanks!


THT chooses a project that they feel is awesome and deserves a feature. There really is no requirments, though art I don't think has ever been featured before.


The Hopscotch Team selects projects that they find cool, interesting, funny, or whatever! It's super cool to be feaured! You'll get there eventually, just keep working! :wink:

Also, welcome to the forum!


Thanks! It would be amazing to be one of the first art project to get featured. Thanks again!


Yes, there was! When art pads were recently created. I think I remember seeing @LotsaPizza's art on up there a long time ago. Although, she deserved it!


Well, art has been featured, but not like the drawing kind. Drawing pads and other drawing things have, but not just a drawing.

Normal drawings get featured very rarely.


True. That's why I said "one of the first". I knew that there had to be some amazing art projects out there.


Wasn't it some superhero?


There is art pads, but there is rarely actual drawings.


Ok. I'll just have to make a really really impressive logo.:smile:


What logo should I make next? I'm up for a challenge.:blush:


Do you mean drawing, or using trails? :wink:


Trails. I'm bad at freehand.


You could make a logo for the Porings that would be Porings attacking fluffles :D


LOL that's a great idea! xD

Ha ha JK


Wait, that's not fair!!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It totes is!


I'll try my best. I'll make one of each to make it fair.:joy::joy::joy:


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Ok, thanks! Also, thanks to all the welcomes! It makes me feel welcome.