Featured Projects


Why are all the featured projects by the same people? When I look at the creators of the featured projects I see:
- OrangeScent
- TrevCoding
- PurpleHawk
- MagmaPOP
- Jelimillabyte
- Real Funky 63 new Ac.
- Aster S.
- Max C.
- Etalix
- A Happy Coder
- AmazingGamez
I've seen many projects that are worth a thousand more favorites and are better projects than most of the featured projects


Why can't Hopscotch notice some other coders.


That is what the "rising' channel is for!


First of all, I've still seen better projects (not that any of them are bad).
Second, what makes a featured project then?
Third, anything that is not featured still doesn't get very much attention.


Your are right! Maybe the Hopscotch Team features projects that they like


First: true, but it's what the HT notices
Second: Liza said a Featured project that is of great quality, makes them laugh, etc.
Third: yes, but what can you do? Like @AHappyCoder said there is the Rising channel


Then how come the same people get featured over and over again (not that your games are boring or anything, I really like them)?


Thanks! I don't know why I get featured...I am happy when I do.


When did you start getting featured?


I think there should be more tags for projects. Or a go page that kind of looks like scratch.


I don't know...My first featured project was Card Dash like geometry dash but with card symbols


Why do you think it was featured?
I'll look it up.


Maybe it was a new idea... I don't know...


1. What is it called
2. How complex was it?


What projects that you've played seemed like they could be featured.


Good question, @BincBrega1. I think it warrants some attention. That said, though, I have a couple of angles on this that are likely either to be appreciated for their (real) intent or to be resented on account of being misunderstood. I'll do the best I can and trust you not to misunderstand.

1. I think it's worth asking, "Why do I care?" or, better yet, to revisit the question, "Do I really care?" What's in it for those not being featured to care at all? I mean it. Really? Or, for that matter, what's in it for those who do get featured? Money? Candy? A free trip to space? I've asked a similar question concerning so-called "likes". It was something like, "How many bananas can you purchase with ALL the 'likes' ever given on Hopscotch?" The question is not argumentative or dismissive. It's meant to free you and me and anybody else from being conditioned, against reason, to "want" something or to "need" something that has no intrinsic value and that only someone else has the "power" to give or withhold.

2. Why not just name some of the projects that you have discovered and deem worthy of being "featured" and provide links to them yourself? That could actually end up addressing your concern. Right here. No? You see, @BincBrega1, YOU are in a position to "feature" them, in a way. I think that's a fun thought. Give 'em a "shout out." You and they might be gratified by the effect, as compared with the likely non-effect of bemoaning why things are as they are.

I hope I didn't say these things the wrong way. I'm just reminding you of the power you have to perceive and to improve any circumstance around you the way you want. You do it in code. You can do it in life.



First of all, most of those people have only been featured once or twice. Funky's a different story. The HT even said themselves that they felt that they were featuring funky too much.

Second of all, the HT is at max a dozen people. Emailing them to notice a project can help sometimes.


I do understand what you are saying. I also love 3D projects (so good job @oio). I could, but would hopscotch really listen? They don't look at most projects in the first place. Just the previously featured are who they seem to pay attention to. I also understand the part with why do featured or not conversations matter. I was thinking that when a good coder makes a good project, other people knowing about it or Hopscotch shouting it out. I think others disservice it too. The ones that haven't been noticed before.


There are 11,000 users in hopscotch! say each user made 3 projects (Which is not quit right I know) that is 33,000 projects!!!


Thanks for your thoughts on the "3D" stuff. It was just a challenge I made-up for myself. Know what would really make me happy? If you did something using my techniques that got a LOT more attention and praise. Serious.

I appreciate the conscientious and mature nature of your thoughts. Again, I don't think the benefits of being proactive can be overstated. I think someone like you could really alter the dynamic in a good way. I wish you the best, if you decide to try...