Featured Projects (For Newcomers!)



Hi coders,
Thanks for getting me over 10 likes on my last forum post thingy! I really appreaciate it!!!

So, as you all have probably noticed, on hopscotch there are a bunch of different sort of CATEGORIES, for example featured, newest, trending, and #art. These are specifically called Channels. Out of the many channels, there is 1 super important one- called Featured. Projects that are amazing, wonderful, spectacular, and over-the-top amazing will be put in Featured. Most featured projects get over 250 likes and tons of branches. I have never myself been on featured however. Here are some ideas for some of your projects can end up in featured!!!

  1. Make a game no one has ever seen before
  2. Kind of build off of a regular game and make it very unique
  3. Announce what you are going to make (to drum up attention), then make it and you will get likes
  4. Look at other hopsotchers games that ended up in featured and try and go OVER that level
  5. Look around the forum! This forum is only here to help YOU grow as a coder!!!
  6. Share your projects with others first! (@MobCraft's one!)
    I hope these tips help you! Again, thanks for over 10 likes and about 12 comments on my rules for hopscotch topic!!


Hey @Cupcaker10!

You've made some awesome topics. They're really well written, and you know exactly what to write and put everything down in an easy to read, simple way.

Congratulations on all the likes and comments!

Best regards, Chi.


Great topic! I love these tips, they will really help newcomers! :clap::smile:


How about "show others your projects"?


Hey @Sparkczy!
Thanks so much for all of the compliments!!! I hope I keep getting likes and comments because I love to hear from other hopscotchers!



Hi @MobCraft,
You have brought up an interesting one! Yes, I will see to it that I add it in, because it is very important to show other relatives and friends your projects to make sure most people enjoy it before posting it!


Hi @Dude73,
Thanks so much! Yes, I also hope they will get newcomers more interested in hopscotch, because I know that when I was a newcomer in Hopscotch back on November 2014, I had so much difficulty getting on track!