Featured Help- "Hogging" A note The Hopscotch Team



@Liza Why do you (during the year) only put 1 project in Featured every time you update it? I always see the same people in it, and it bothers me to see the same projects for weeks and weeks with no changes. I really enjoyed it when you updated featured with more projects from a diverse selection on Hopscotchers. For example (don't hate me, just an example) if I scroll down to the same people- MagmaPOP, PurpleHawk, and Funky 63. :sweat: If you could do something about this issue, that would be amazing. -pt


I totally agree! There are some hopscotchers that are not very known but make super projects!


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The people who aren't as well known:
Make really complex game that has no bugs, 2 plays.
The people who are well known:
Make a random project, get on featured.
I know I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get the point.


Sort of true, I got featured for my Project meme, and I'm eternally great full for that (it got 2200 likes!!) but I feel like that ruins my chances to get my Kitty Christmas! Or my Rudolph's Run Poster on featured, albeit being a well coded project and pretty.
Idk maybe this makes me sound like I'm trying to hog featured :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, I've been featured like 3 times. ToasterRebellion has been bragging about it and she's had 15 :unamused:


Same, 3 times!
I never saw her project featured 15 times before though, or maybe I just didn't keep count


I totally agree @PopTart0219!

there are plenty of projects made by non-famous hopscotchers that deserve a spot in featured, but everyone is focused on famous hopscotchers : (

Everyone knows that in order to get into featured to have to:

  • Be creative
  • Don't complain about popularity
  • try your best
  • don't beg for likes

A lot of people have done those steps, which is good. But most people have noticed that the hopscotch team has not been updating featured lately, and most people aren't really happy about that. MagmaPOP, PurpleHawk, Funky 63, have been in featured lots.

That is all I have to say



I've done all of that, and I just published a wave test and a weird draw test


Same, 3 times.
Sometimes, life isn't fair.


Kind of the reason why I started drawing was because I was never noticed while coding. I knew I was good at art, but when I realized more people liked my art better than coding, I kind of abandoned Coding and drew more and more until a lot more people knew me. Now, I've started coding and I'm a little more well known due to that, so maybe what all those people have in common is that they were publicized a LOT and that's why most of their projects are in trending / rising / featured.


Yeah. I took a long break of majorly coding. I may clean out my profile again. I don't like how @Liza @Alish @Ian only put in the few people, and take out people :frowning:


I made a really complex game and I made a bubble tap game. My bubble tap game got 27 likes I think and my (complex) Help the Nerd! game got maybe 2 likes?


That moment when

You're waiting for Hopscotch to update featured


I've done that, but even that doesn't work (only works like 0.3% of the time cough cough Funky 63 is Illuminati, but even still, that got on Rising)


Three times but 4 times if you count the one that was deleted from featured. @liza @ian @alish Why did you delete geometry parkour from featured???? :frowning:


Probably to save space, but that was such a COOL game!
At the very bottom of Featured you'll notice that they start at around 2015. Around seven of mine and hundreds of others got wiped from Featured, so don't feel bad :wink:.


Yeah, I got all my features wiped from featured


I KNOW!!! So Unfair!! I know a hopscotcher called IntelligentScooter and his\her projects are AWESOME!!! I think they had a project in rising once, but NO featured! they are AWESOMELY AMAZING!!!


Welcome to the forum! Love your name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: