Featured Cleanup


Remember this? This was at the very beginning of Featured 33 weeks ago. What are the chances that someone would go here??? We need a featured cleanup team!

Coan's General Topic! :D

What do you mean?
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who is going to scroll down all the was to the bottom of featured just to look at a project? The list is extremely long no so the chances are 1/10000 :wink:


That is definitely not the first featured project :grinning: The Hopscotch Team do clean it out every now and again!


The HT keeps the Featured projects there in case someone looks for ideas!


I would go check the bottom of featured


I just realized that. If they didn't do cleanup so earlier, there would have been crashes and all sorts of stuff. They just need do it more often.


Yeah but.. What about the newbies! THEY need inspiration!


well when you start you get a certain featured projects... after 2 weeks or so you get normal featured projects


Um... I have been on featured twice, so sometimes I scroll down to find my drawings that have hit featured... um, don't judge me!


BUMPPPPPP sorry @JonnyGamer


Oh hey, I forgot about this :joy:
I’m just rumble tumbling around or so


Why did I even make this topic

Whaaat the bottom of featured was 33 weeks ago back then :joy:


Wanna chat in ur gt?!,…,