Featured Art Tab?



ok, so every single one of you have inevitably seen the rise of art on Hopscotch. Some support it and some don't. Nevertheless, most hopscotchers have at least ONCE uploaded a drawing. Even """"""famous""""""" ones. So I think we should have a Featured art tab.
Not as heavily viewed as the Featured coded projects, but the Hopscotch team can choose their favorite art and update it there.
Some people will argue " BUT ORANGESCENT? Isn't hopscotch for and always will be for coding?" Yes, true. But remember when they put my Project meme for featured? And they put Bird's Alibi's Adult Phoenix drawing on featured? Obviously, THT was saying that they love our drawings! So maybe we should give this tab a shot!
Tell me what you think :wink:


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I'd love to see this in the app!


I'm not so sure. It distracts people from coding. Art is great and beautiful, wonderful to look at, but doesn't need much coding, other than the drawing pad itself.


I agree with that!
But maybe we should make hopscotch into a coding AND art community
Coding is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I guess they could put it in rising?

I mean, it gives an unfair advantage to those who can't draw.


Well, I don't know, I've seen a lot of people come from stick figures to realistically amazing drawings.
I see where your coming from, though :wink:


And people who can't afford a stylus


I use my fingers! :raised_hands:🏻


Some people be laik:


I don't know what's wrong with my fingers, but I can't seem to control them. :wink:


@Kiwicute2015, AND I have a disadvantage


I use meh fingers tooo


Idk, I don't like the notion of writing on my iPad
It feels unnatural


(I ahould really try to see if I'm good!!!) (on iPad)


Also, I don't want it to be biased towards some people.
There are a LOTTTTTTTT
Of great artists that go unnoticed everyday!
Like Colorful black and OrangeBerry and FlyingFox11 (They almost have my same style)


I don't have art talent, I've just been drawing so long that I ended up getting better at it! (The way I typed this sounds kinda aggressive?? Idk why and I didn't mean it to be and I dunno how to not make it sound aggressive?? Oops)


I decided to do a drawing of of head stuck on a peice of wood

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Out of ten (pls be honest...)
(oh and credit to @OrangeScent1, you creaed this drawing pad, didn't you?)


cough cough it says cough orange cough pad

wooh! sorry i have a cold i think


Love it! I wouldn't be in there though, my drawings are okay but not good. :relaxed: