Feature: View all Variables While Project is Running

One particular coding feature in all programming languages is the ability to view your variables while a project is running.

Lets say I have a variable called, “Count” and every time I tapped the screen, “count” was increased by 1

Instead of coding a new block to show the value of “Count” it would be amazing to pull up a little side bar while the project is running which shows the list of all variables and what value they are at.

This is just one example, if you have multiple variables running at once, having a feature like this would be incredible. Then you can keep track of all your variables while running your project. When programming complex projects, a feature like this would be key.

Thanks! :smile:

  • Great Idea!
  • Eh, I don’t know if it’s neccesary

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This is my 100th topic! Cool!


I like the idea but idk if its neaded


It would be a lot easier definitely…
Lol I wish it was like that when I was making Tap It 1.2… I had some major buggy variables


that would be really handy…

but just be able to pull up the code instead I would suggest, kinda like split screen?


They have it on Khan Academy for Javascript and it is really useful


I think code.org has that for javascript code

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I like seeing how variables change. Usually i just use a text object so i guess you could do that with each of your variables using different objects?

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Yeah, I do that, it’s just super tedious
But it works

(although with this idea, you can see all of the labels of the variables and the Numbers)


Yeah that would be cool… but wouldn’t it get confusing if you had a lot of variables to keep track of?

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Not necessarily if you label them correctly
It’d definitely make it easier than not being able to see them, I guess

I need to show a screenshot of what it looks like in Python and stuff


True. Personally i try to keep variables named in a way to not confuse them, but some people may not do that. Also, if you have a lot, monitoring a lot at once could get confusing, but thats only if youre doing something kinda complex probably.

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Yes exactly

Drop de doodle do

I’m working on an rpg with multiple screens and talking and it’s Real confusing oh well doop de doo


just keep coding, just keep coding

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I don’t know about this, but I’d see it as a settings option to enable it or disable it


I agree with @TheCMStudios I would definitely not enable it thoug