Feature NEEDED to be added! This would help a lot!



you should be able to make "playlists". So, if you have this series, you can put them in order in a group. When you are viewing someone's profile, there should be a "playlists" tab. Along when you are searching. This can help new followers find a series they want to see very easily, along with the cider finding their projects easily. Maybe you can also make "playlists" with other people's projects in them, but it would say it was made by the person who made the project.

Whenever there is something in "", that would be whatever you will call these groups of projects. I just thought what YouTube calls them can explain what I mean.

@Liza, @Ian, WE NEED THIS!!!!

Edit: also, if you put someone else's project in a playlist, like if I put a project made by @comicvillestudios, it will say "this project was made by (whatever @comicvillestudios's username is on hopscotch)".


This would be a great feature! I could make a playlist for:

-Choose Wisely


What Do You Think?

  • well, this would open another pathway for people to break the rules (explain in reply)
  • I LOVE this idea!
  • meh.
  • I DO NOT like that idea!!



I'm not saying I don't like the idea! It's a good one, buuuuuuut...

Why am I "disagreeing"

Sigh... The worst thing that can happen to someone, a random Hopscotchers will put the project into their playlist, and then claim that the project is theirs.

Second of all, some people make too many playlists that it would be too bothering to navigate all those playlists...

Why am I also "agreeing"

It would be a whole lot easier to navigate the profile looking for projects.


@comicvillestudios I was about to edit my post saying it will say who made the project


Wouldn't it be cool? I really like this idea! What if everyone had their own tab, where they could like "feature" some projects? Now that would be awesome!