Fearless's Pixel Art Collab


Yo so I’ve been thinking,
I have a couple big projects I’m working on right now but aside from those, there’s really nothing much for me to do.
Would anyone be interested in doing a serious collab with me? Maybe after a week cuz I know some of y’all are working on big projects. I was thinking 2-3 people (me included) and we’d probably do a bunch of big pixel arts and projects for ongoing competitions and things.
@Dylan329, @Petrichor, @Dolphin_coders @anyone-else-that-does-pixel-art-etc would you guys be interested?
If more than a couple people say yes to this, I’ll probably just assign numbers randomly and then pick a couple that can collab w me so that it’s more fair.

And then if this actually becomes a thing, we can use this topic to talk about the collab and the projects


Woah that sounds awesome but I am still in the learning stages, hopefully in the future!


I am very bad at pixel art sorry…

I could give it a try though, (it wouldn’t hurt to try!)


That’s okay lol.
If you wanna collab with me some other time we can do that :slight_smile:


Yee definitely! Thanks Fea!


I’d be interested but I’m (obviously) not good at pixel art lol


Aww okay well hey, you can try.
And you’re really good at music tho, and I can’t code music on hs for my life lol


Tankt your not good

Your amazing!


That’s true lol

Thanks m8 :))

If you need any music help, I could give you some tips

Tag me anytime!


No I’m absolutely horrible at pixel art
Like seriously what the heck is this


It’s a good first pixel art lol




Yep yep yep “only a couple, big projects” lol.
Let’s just add some more :joy:


I gtg y’all

See ya :wave:


Yep I’m intrested in This!


Oh shush XD
So that’s a yes I assume? You’re in. Haha this’ll be fun
Let’s see how many more people we get and then we can make the collab and start deciding what to do


Oh yeah, of course. It will be fun!


I’m gonna follow you guys on HS!


Yeah. Tim fam will grow exponentially soon XD


What do you wanna call the collab, @Dylan329?
You better have a good name otherwise I’ll call it TimFam XD