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I have gotten 9.9k likes in this past month how in the name of Clown did that happen?


Like actually tho it says so on my user thing

Y’all are nuts man stop with the spamliking


Is this…a challenge?


No not really

Wait actually I just realized that if I get 2.3k+ likes, and Pet gets none, I’ll beat him on the all time users list whOA that’ll be a first


Ok yea it’s definitely a challenge I’ll spam like when I get home uwu


Do you know where on the list I am?


Ok I’ll turn off my like notifs then lol

But yes, team effort to beat Petrichor yes go team fp!


144th on the all time list

(sry it took so long I had to manually go and count through it for u lol)


Oh haha! I shall try and move up!


I shall spamlike u dedicatedly

When my likes stop deciding to go wacky lol


Haha that’s really nice of you, thank you!


Lol no prob dude :pp


Hey how r you? I’m great


I’m fine. thanks!!
I’m glad ur great!!

How are you liking the forum so far?


I’m making a friend smth for their bday but I’m not sure if they’ll like it… they’d could make the same thing just 10000000x better and more detailed and probably in less time with less effort.

Idk they’ll prob h8 it hhhh so


Lol @ItzMya tyvm for the 97 likes + 14 good replies :joy: that’s why my notifs blew up in 5 mins

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@Apricity replied


65 more posts to go til I can make 6 come on here for post 6666