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I’m late but I want to feel helpful so, here’s a picture I found that has some metal bands.


If I were able to find a picture of Jordan Feliz while he was still doing metal, that would be awesome. But I don’t think there are many pictures of him then bc he didn’t get popular until he changed genres.


Is it bad that’s I can name almost all of the songs from almost all of those bands?
Lol but rly

And thanks twiz

But it has to be easily coded lol I can’t code that!! :joy:


What about less bands


Asctually pretty metal for the most part.
More old school and classic which is coolio.

I might actually end up doing that lol, just collaged and less speed out


I have a post pending about some of those bands, prob cuz I said BR without the censor oops


OH mY GØd is that NickLe BàcK I seE in a corner?
WhYY are they on that they are really not metal akkahahash

And while we’re at it; no I’m not just randomly h8ing on nickleback, just mostly chad bc he’s really not nice at all and is just pretty ://


Lol sorry I have a thing for people wrongly classifying music it annoys me to no end


i guess? im not really into metal sooooo


Hey @Mindcool24, I’m back!


I’ll find some :wink:




Hi and goddbye m8




Why hello there @BumpSplatGaming.Co


Hello I can help you now.


Lol ok. So let me explain a bit better. So ya know your hovertank? How it is multiple shapes? I want to make something stationary on the map but a house


Like the code for interacting with the scrolling map?


And if we’re getting into technicalities, Bad Religion is more punk/alt rock ish, Foo Fighters are hard rock at best and Sum 41… probably doesn’t even deserve to be on that list imoo


Lol now I’m lowkey tempted to do the mayhem logo
Ty :DD