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so, uh

t or d fea :3


Lol yeah I, I don’t either but if u had to, who ?
(I won’t kiII you and this’ll provide some entertainment for 6 lol)


T ig



tv and kayro ig


uhhhh if you could spend the day with 3 hsers irl, who would they be, and what would you do?


Oof ok this is hard…

I’d have to go with @Petrichor, @TheDrawer and @KVJ
but that’s bc they were my first friends here and I know them all rly well.

Honestly I feel like we’d just hang out and maybe play with logos or go watch Star Wars or smth, maybe also code idk


Lol theyre both she’s y’know :ppp

Ok anyway, t or d?


A wild @Mindcool24 has been found


Ima go try to find some


tHANk you Tankt like really
lol I haven’t been able to find any decently easy ones I could code and uh yeah lol


I cannot find any logo that’s not some word that’s prob inappropriate for the forum

and idk where this popped up from


yeah but i couldn’t think of anyone


t againnn

lol idk why anyway


Lol whyyyy

Hmm yeah uh well if u think it might be borderline then post if u want and then if it’s not appropriate I can edit it out.

Also prob put in a drop down folder?


Lol hmmm

If you had to do a coding collab with 7 people, who would u pick and why?



  1. CoM, cuz she’s awesome and can code really well
  2. tankt, cuz she’s made really cool complex projects
  3. you, cuz your code is amazing too
  4. i can’t think of anyone else


Lol nice ty but my code isn’t that good lol


I couldn’t find anything (plus some logos were really hard to read and I didn’t want to post anything inappropriate or anything) but I did find a link to 50 album covers



Wait my code is complex what
It’s just values


um, yes. yes it is. have you SEEN your pixel art? or bg codes?